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The BetCruise Affiliate Program is a unique program, just like most of the offers in the BetCruise portal. The BetCruise Affiliate program gives affiliates an opportunity to earn revenue from the players from BetCruise's three gambling platforms: poker, casino and baccarat. BetCruise, while providing rake free poker and casino games with no house edge, now offers a unique Affiliate Program.

The unique aspect of the BetCruise Affiliate Program is that the affiliates receive their earnings not only from a player’s losses but from a player's winnings as well. This gives an affiliate the opportunity to side with the player while sharing a common interest in winning, as opposed to hoping for a loss. This way, the players and affiliates will both benefit from winning.

The BetCruise affiliate program does not change affiliate payments depending on how many players they attract to the site, nor on the amount players deposit. All of the affiliates will have the same revenue share of 50% from the portal's house fee. BetCruise provides equal terms to all affiliates, just like for its players in all BetCruise platforms and gambling games.

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