Number of accounts

A player's account can only have one money account for each payment system. The use of one money account by several player's accounts is forbidden.

Minimum deposit and withdrawal

The minimum deposit is €2 and minimum withdrawal is €1, except for deposits and withdrawals by credit/debit cards.

Fees for deposits and withdrawals

When players add funds to their gaming accounts, BetCruise covers any commissions charged by the payment system.

Fees for withdrawals from the poker room, sport toto, and the casino on equal odds games.

There is no house fee on winnings from traditional casino games with a house edge.

If a player plays on equal odds casino games, a 10% house fee will be taken from the player's net winnings at the end of the game session or upon a withdrawal of net winnings from the table through the cashier. The duration of the game session cannot exceed 24 hours. The house fee and restrictions are only in regards to equal odds games.

If a player plays in the poker room, a 10% house fee will be taken upon a withdrawal of net winnings from the playing table. If a player is absent or does not play for 20 minutes, he is automatically removed from the playing table. The 10% house fee is taken from net winnings upon automatic removal.

The minimum house fee is not less than 1 cent. The rounding error for house fees is +/- 1 cent.

Example: A player made a €100 deposit on the No Zero Roulette casino table, won €53.46 and closed the game with a total amount of €153.46. The net winnings here exceed the deposit by €53.46. A 10% house fee is rounded to €5.35. In this case, €148.11 will be credited to the player's account.

Calculating the deposit and net winnings for the poker room, sport toto and casino.

When adding funds to the playing table, the new deposit is added to all the deposits of the current playing session, and its result forms the current deposit. During a withdrawal of funds from the casino and poker playing tables, the sum exceeding the deposit is considered net winnings and is subject to the house fee.

Example: a player made a €100 deposit on the Roulette playing table, lost €20 and makes a new €50 deposit. The current deposit totals €130, but the total of all deposits in the current playing session is €150. Subsequent winnings by the player above €150 will be subject to a house fee during a withdrawal from the playing table.

Processing withdrawal requests

The maximum number of transfers in a day is 20. The daily limit for withdrawals may be increased for a specific player if that player agrees with BetCruise administration beforehand.

All withdrawal requests are reviewed within a few days from the moment the request is filed. Exact withdrawal times depend on the amount of pending requests, security concerns and type of payment system selected. The large majority of requests are processed within a day. If your request for withdrawal exceeds €10000, it may then take up to 10 days to process. The money that the player has requested to withdraw is removed from the account and placed in a temporary account until BetCruise has the opportunity to approve the transaction. Payment may be delayed for an unspecified amount of time for a player's withdrawal of funds to an account that has not been used previously. During this time, the player can in some cases return the sum to the playing account simply by going to the Payment History page and pressing Cancel.

If the portal management suspects that the player is using the portal to transfer funds from one payment system to another, payment may be delayed for an unspecified time. In addition, reimbursement for payment system commissions may be cancelled.

Payouts to payment system

Please note that payouts are made to the same payment system that the player used to deposit money. If the payments were made by more than one payment system or with different accounts in a single system, then the payouts should be made according to the size of the deposits. In case different methods of payment have been used for deposits, the BetCruise management may decide the authorized method(s) of a withdrawal of winnings.

Example: a player deposits €500 via Moneybookers and €300 with CLICK2PAY. He then wins €1000. The total in his account is €1800.

He makes a withdrawal request for €1800 to Moneybookers. In this case, his request will not be approved and the money will be returned to his playing account.

In order to withdraw the entire sum, the player must request €500 to his Moneybookers account and €300 to his CLICK2PAY account. The remaining €1000 can be paid to any payment system recognized by the portal.

Note: WebMoney Z (WMZ) and WebMoney E (WME) are two separate payment systems.

Maximum payouts and withdrawal requests

The maximum payout over a 24-hour period is €5000. A player's information must be verified before they can make a withdrawal. To verify an account, a player must provide ID and a utility bill or bank statement (to confirm the registered address of the player). Until the requested documents are provided, the money will not be transferred out of the player's account.

If the player makes several withdrawal requests over a 24 hour period, these requests will be viewed as a single sum by BetCruise's financial department.