Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen

Diese Vereinbarung wurde in Englisch (US) erstellt. Falls eine Übersetzung dieser Vereinbarung mit dem englischen Original nicht übereinstimmt, hat die englische Version Vorrang.

Durch die Registrierung und das Spielen bei BetCruise akzeptiert der Spieler die folgenden Nutzungsbedingungen zu befolgen.

  1. Gambling for money may be forbidden by law of the country in which the player is located. The user bears full responsibility for violating any laws of his or her country that relate to betting money on the internet.
  2. No-one under the age of 18, or younger than the legal age for gambling in the country in which the user is located, is allowed to play on BetCruise sites.
  3. BetCruise does not accept clients from the USA and its territories.
  4. All information provided by the user during registration is confidential and may not be provided to any third parties, with the sole exception of statutory investigations.
  5. The player is fully responsible for keeping his or her login, password and other registration information private. All actions undertaken using a player's account information are considered undertaken by the player.
  6. The player must contact the support service over any disputed issues. Complaints from the player will be investigated within three days of the moment the disputed situation occurred. The administration's decisions are final in all disputes.
  7. The intellectual property rights on all programs accessible to the user are protected. Decoding or decompiling programs is prohibited, as is examining their code or making any changes to the code.
  8. The administration does not bear responsibility for faulty connections or other extraordinary situations relating to the functioning of the software or hardware. In the event of mistaken actions by the operator that are detrimental to BetCruise, the administration reserves the right to dispose of the consequences connected to the mistake.
  9. If a player uses third party software or artificial intelligence designed to benefit from the data received from our applications or our servers, the administration reserves the right to annul all results from all games and block the player's account.
  10. The player agrees to accept any additional terms and conditions that apply specifically to poker, the casino, the live casino, and the betting exchange.
  11. All calculations are made in Euros.
  12. If BetCruise has any legitimate reasons to suspect that a player is fraudulently trying to scam the portal for his benefits (by using 1 IP/computer for multiple accounts, refer-a-friend/affiliate program scams, etc.), the player can be banned from said program or the site itself. In this case, BetCruise reserves the right to not compensate the player.
  13. The administration reserves the right to verify that a player's actions are in accordance with BetCruise rules. If winnings total over €10000, then withdrawal may take up to 10 days.
  14. A player may only have one playing account. The use of another account is forbidden. A player's account can only have one money account for each payment system. The use of one money account by several players' accounts is forbidden.
  15. A house fee may be assessed by the portal according to the payment terms. The rounding error for house fees is +/- 1 cent.
  16. When a player withdraws money from his game account, the administration reserves the right to ask him for his passport or government form of identification, as well as contact information. If a player refuses to provide BetCruise with the given information, or provides documents that do match the player's registration information, the administration reserves the right to block the player's game account and withhold funds until it receives all necessary documents and/or is provided a reasonable explanation for the discrepancy.
  17. All disagreements regarding gameplay, financial transfer and any other problems regarding your gaming account should be communicated to our support staff no later than 5 days from its occurrence. The management reserves the right to conduct a review of all incidents within 30 days from the day of submission.
  18. If a player (log-in) does not visit our portal for one year, the administration reserves the right to close his game account.
  19. The administration retains the right to change this agreement, but guarantees that the version posted here will be the version currently in effect. Rules are subject to change, so please check back often.
  20. The maximum daily (the past 24 hours) winnings for a player depends on his status.
  21. A player can only make deposits and withdrawls when he fills in the correct and necessary information on his profile.
  22. Depositing funds on the BetCruise portal is meant for gambling purposes only. If there is reason to believe that the funds have been deposited without the intention to gamble, the administration reserves the right to suspend or close the player's account.
  23. Any foul, abusive or threatening language will not be tolerated anywhere on the BetCruise portal. This includes nicknames, player to player messages in the chat,any communication with support or the administration and etc.
  24. The administration reserves the right to deny registration to any user as well as block any player's account without reason.
  25. If a player's account has not been active for at least 18 months, BetVoyager will try to contact the player using the contact information provided, and will try to refund the balance of the account to the player and close the account. If the player is not able to be reached, the funds will be transferred to a charitable foundation.