Anti Money Laundering Policy

Objective of the Policy

BetCruise has a strict anti money laundering and terrorist financing policy. This policy is in effect to minimize all possible risks and losses which could negatively affect the company and its reputation.
BetCruise strives to meet all international standards and tries to use the best practices for AML and against terrorist financing.


To meet the depands of the National Ordinance Penalization of Money Laundering (NOPML) applicable in Curaçao, BetCruise:

  • Takes reasonable measures to establish the identity of any person for whom to provide their services. For this reason, the registration process takes place in accordance with the terms and conditions and provides due diligence measures before opening a user account.
  • keeps a secure online at all times list of all registered Players
  • conducts appropriate training for the appropriate staff and maintains their knowledge and procedures regarding the identification of players, performance monitoring and informing players and the proper authorities of unusual and suspicious transactions.
  • ensures that this policy is developed and maintained in accordance with the changing legislative and regulatory obligations and recommendations from the proper authorities.
  • reports any suspicion or knowledge of money laundering or terrorism financing to the proper authorities
  • cooperates with all relevant administrative, enforcement and judicial authorities in their endeavor to prevent and detect criminal activity.

Additionally, BetCruise

  • does not open anonymous accounts or account with fake names
  • does not register a player, who is not at least 18 years of age
  • registers only one account for one person: multiaccounts are forbidden
  • pays out players using the same way that the players deposited, if possible
  • has a sms-verification system
  • does not accept funds and does not allow bets without knowing the all necessary player information
  • allows p2p transactions of up to 100 euros per day
  • accepts bets only within the established range of bets
  • withdrawals funds of more than 2000 Euro only after the Player's identity, age and place of residence have been verified