Talking About BetLiner

Biggest benefit is no commission. They don't take one until you withdrawal, and only if you win.


I am still at Betliner and this place is incredible in these horrible economic times. I have 150 euros in my account and is now paying me a 7.3% apr into my account daily.
I know it isnt much but it is incredible considering my savings account has lowered the interest rate to 1% apr.
Bring on EuroCup 2012 :-)


I'm not regular at betcruise but don't see anything wro9ng them, especially when it comes to big football matches. you wont have a problem placing your bet...
...i think it is worth checking them out!


...they seem to be improving liquduity a little now, and with 0% commission for the moment they'll attract some attention.
Maybe I dive in with just an ittybitty deposit...


what i found out is betliner has 0% commission on sportsbetting exchanges. I think it is a great chance to give it a start, especially if one just begins with betting.
Furthermore the opportunities of betting events are really numerous.
Why paying more money than necessary?


No doubt, it takes a while getting used to the 10% withdrawing fee, but personally, i think, when youre playing alot and most of us are anyway, its a great opportunity to save on fees, which you would pay on betfair and others sites...