Talking About BetVoyager

I like more their Randomness controll system which gives me the solid proof  that the casino is not cheating me...
...It is very pleasant for me.


...I'll try to help as much as I can and give you the top 2 casino card games I believe have the lowest house edge:

1. Casino Poker or as they call it in betvoyager - Casino Hold'em.
They also have BetVoyager Hold'em where the Payout is for the BET and the AA+ bonus bet while in the standard Casino Hold'em the Payout for the ANTE and the AA+ bonus bet.
I personally think that BetVoyager Hold'em has the lowest house edge in this case.

2. Blackjack - Because you need to do card counting in this game it may give you a 3-4 percent edge over the casino.
Blackjack Switch is my favorite version.


I played this bonus two days ago and there are no pitfalls. The promo is as good as it sounds. The bonus remains on your account after withdrawal and you can keep playing and withdrawing winnings until your balance goes to zero. They also paid back to Moneybookers instantly...


I am currently playing in their casino (BetVoyager). So far, so good. I've made one withdraw - using Moneybookers - and the money were in my account in 5 hours (no ID request or other hassle).
Now, there are some posts on other sites regarding denial of winnings, account banning and stuff like that (just google for Betcruise). I personally hadn't have any trouble with them and I have noticed that all this posts are at least one year old and they all refer to the poker room, not casino or sports betting. The casino is not on the black list on any forum, so I think they didn't have any problems, at least in the last several months. They don't have any bonuses, but allow wagers as low as 0.01 cents - my firs deposit was 2 euro and I withdrawn 100 euro...


...I believe they deserve more support. I certainly believe that it is in players' interests to play there. After playing there I will certainly never again play normal house edge games at a casino.
They have a huge selection of without-edge games; every conceivable version of the usual card and table games, plus no edge slots and video poker.
[In roulette] You can bet as little as €0.01 on any bet and you can spin the wheel with just that €0.01 on the table!
Well I've played there for over a year now. I cash out to Moneybookers regularly. Payments have always been processed within 24 hours. I've seen only positive feedback about them in the forums too.
Betvoyager have come up with some imaginative initiatives and offer very good value for the player. Stop donking off your money at these rip-off house-edge casinos and give 'em a try...


I like Betvoyager casino because it have a unique system which allow to players check the fairness of game's results.
Randomness controll allow to check that the arrangement of cards and numbers are completely random and have no connection to the size of bet.
Moreover, it allow to modify the created deck by cutting or reordering of cards.


maybe i'm naive, but i kinda like the rc function. i mean, until the nevada gaming commission starts regulating online gambling , it's not like we can ever be 100% on any internet casino. at least rc lets you take verification into your own hands.
on the other hand, maybe it's just because i've had pretty decent luck at betvoyager (at least with the low-stakes bets that i make) that i'm favorably disposed to the site.


...someone recommended betvoyager to me and since I can't get enough of online slots, I signed up to kill some time in the Free Money Mode.
So far so good and overall, they seem to be quite fun to play with but, as usual, before pushing my luck for real, I was wondering whether someone here is familar or would like to share his/her experience with their Rush4Cash Slots without House Edge at betvoyager?


Registered with code, deposited, recieved bonus, played a couple of hands Zero HE JOB withdrew 17 euros, returned to game, hit bet max button, 2 pairs, 50 hands, 5 coins, nice profit. Withdrew all. Lost bonus on Zero HE Roulette. All very smooth, used moneybookers so should be back in account very soon...


I have been doing a lot of research on the betvoyager casino, and I couldn't find anything bad about them.
In fact they seem to be the best casino out there.
- Min bet of 0.01 and max bet goes all the way to 1000
(I think betvoyager is the ONLY casino that lets you make 1 cent bets)
- Instant moneybookers payouts
- no house edge
- SHA-256 algorithm
Am I missing something?
My friend keeps telling me that it is possible for them to still manipulate the roulette numbers, because he thinks that with the random letters their software adds in the end they are still able to change the numbers in their favour...


All "classical" games i play on betvoyager, games like roulette (multiball) or BJ, because betvoyager has a lower house edge in these games. But what's most important: they have "real time RNG auditing" so players can check every single outcome of a game for themselves and don't have to think about anything being "rigged". just this feeling of security is prolly worth something.


I actually gave betvoyager a chance and played their no house edge european roulette. I was honestly pleasantly surprised on how much money I won. It's a good feeling to know that nobody's scamming you. I guess the not so well known online casinos aren't as bad as I thought..