• Is it possible to register two or more accounts?
    You can only use one playing account for all BetCruise projects.
  • What should I do if I forgot my password?
    Click on the 'Forgot password' link located on the authorization bar at the top of any of our sites. Enter your login and e-mail that was indicated during registration, and you will be sent a message on how to proceed further.
  • My account isn't activated. What does that mean?
    You need to activate your account on our portal to conduct certain operations. In order to activate your account, you need to fill out the mandatory fields in the profile in your private room. Then press the button across from the mobile code field to receive an activation code. Within a short amount of time, you will receive an SMS with a code on your mobile phone. Further, enter this code in the "Verification" field that will appear (be careful to enter the correct symbols, as the code is case-sensitive). Next, press the "Verify" button. If you did everything correctly, your account should be activated shortly.

    BetRaiser Poker players that have already been activated through "Verification" in the poker client do not need to repeat this process.
  • What should I do if I did not receive an activation code via mobile phone?
    Double check that the phone number in your profile is filled in correctly. Please pay close attention to which particular fields need to be filled. There are 3 fields for the mobile number: Country code + area or mobile operator code + subscriber number. If you do not know how to fill in your phone number, we suggest you consult with your local service provider. We highly recommend double-checking whether you have correctly inserted your cell phone number by doing a test message before registering. You can check at this link. Then restart the BetRaiser poker software and resend your activation code again. When you receive the message from this gateway, please enter your activation code in your BetRaiser profile as well. Please note that activation codes are case sensitive.
  • What is 'Funs'?
    'Funs' is make-believe money so you can get acquainted with the interface and games on our sites. You may not withdraw fun money from BetCruise.
  • How can I add money to my game account?
    After signing in, the sum of available money will appear in the player's menu bar that is located at the top of the page. Click on this sum, and it will be automatically increased to the nearest thousand (but not over 5000 units). Another way to get more money is to enter your Private Room, open the Deposit page and select the required sum.
  • How do I add fun money to my playing account?
    For adding fun money to your playing account, you need to click the Euro symbol located on the authorization bar at the top of any or our sites, or go into the Deposit page under the Private Room link on the BetCruise site.
  • I made a withdrawal request over 24 hours ago, but the money still has not arrived.
    Sometimes, for various reasons not related to us, money may not arrive to the corresponding party. In that event, please contact our financial department by internal mail to find out the reason for the delay.
  • I don't want the authorization bar to show money and fun money.
    To hide money in the authorization bar, remove the checkmark next to the sum. To hide fun money you need to go into your profile located in the Private Room and remove the checkmark across from 'Show Funs'.
  • How do I change/add to my personal data?
    To change personal data go into your profile that is located in the Private Room. You can also enter your profile by clicking on your Screen Name in the authorization bar. Please note that you are not able to change all of the data that was entered during registration.
  • Cents aren't appearing for me.
    In order for the cents to appear you need to enter your profile (in the private room) and click the Show Cents check box.
  • Why does the system log me out when I try to make a deposit?
    Try to login and make a deposit in a different browser. Or clean the temporary files and cookies from your cache in the original browser, then login in again and make a deposit.
  • My computer is blocking BetCruise file downloads, what should I do?
  • Antivirus programs occasionally block harmless executable files. You will need to add an exclusion for the BetCruise files that you would like to download and execute. The location to add an exclusion depends on the antivirus program, but you will generally add the files in "Exclusions" or "Items to Exclude". Or you can find the downloaded file in a "Quarantine" section and restore the quarantined file. Then try executing the file again.