Rake Free

BetRaiser is Rake Free online poker, the first poker room in the world to offer poker rake free. While playing poker in a regular poker room, players lose a certain part of each pot to rake. Rake usually is not a large sum and the loss isn't felt strongly, but during a long game a player can lose his entire deposit to rake without even noticing. For example, if a player played in a group of five for a couple hours in a row, and the group played at an equal level where everyone stayed about even, they all could end up in the minus since all their funds would be spent on paying the poker rake.

Of course, the majority of poker player wish for Rake Free, but they all understand the poker room can't give rake free because the main income for a poker room comes from rake. But BetRaiser has cancelled rake, becoming the first online poker room to offer Rake Free Poker.

On BetRaiser, players don't need to leave a part of their bankroll for each pot. The player can play as long as he wants and not lose any money to rake. His win or loss is connected directly to his knowledge and skills in poker. A player always has an extra sum of money that he will spend on rake, but thanks to rake free poker this money stays with the player. That way, Rake Free gives the player the ability to capitalize on his knowledge, using his money simply to play.

The player can play as long as he wants on rake free poker, and will only be charged a 10% commission when he withdraws his winnings from the poker table (or when the table closes automatically after a player's protracted absence). The commission is only taken from net winnings and in no way affects the initial deposit. Choose for yourself what is better – paying a poker rake for every pot, or playing Rake Free Poker.